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Metta World Triece: Talkin’ Bout Good & Bad Hair!!!!!!!!!!

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I have heard many people throughout my life make comments telling me that I have good hair, and if I can be honest…  I am tired of it!   What the hell is good hair?  What the hell is bad hair? Chris Rock’s opinion of this whole subject really opened my eyes to the ignorance of our culture in ways that I never could have imagined.

I couldn’t figure it out for the longest but now I think that I finally have the answer to this confusing yet contagious question…  Why do people base hair textures on the scale of good and bad?
The stereotypical definition of ‘Bad Hair’ is basically the hair that is coarse,  thick, strong and harder to comb or tame. Deeper in the African bloodline. The stereotypical definition of ‘Good Hair’ is the hair that is soft, curly/wavy, possessed by people who have some Native American decent and easy to comb. buy temovate online no prescription

Now even though some of you may be irritated with these lame definitions I am here to say that I am too. There is no such thing as Good Hair and Bad Hair.  I was raised to believe that the good hair that we all posses is the hair on our heads.

When did it ever become popular to be ungrateful for the things that you were blessed to have?

I have met women and men who go through such trials as Chemotherapy and Alopecia. Sadly, in the process of these struggles they lose their crown and glory, so it pisses me off when I hear people complaining about how “nappy” their hair is. Talking about how they wish they had “good hair”. All I am here to say is just BE GRATEFUL. buy xifaxan online no prescription

This article is short and simple but I still hope that people take it into consideration and just remember that if your hair is coarse that does not mean that you look like a slave or that you need a relaxer… Just be happy with your beautiful tresses that God has blessed YOU with because they are just as beautiful as anyone else’s.
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