Sherri Shepherd refuses to pay child support on the baby she chose to create

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Sherri Shepherd hasn’t had the best year of her life.  Actually, that would be an understatement.  Shepherd just parted ways with a multi-million dollar gig with her show, “The View,” and this was right after her second husband filed for divorce.  On top of that, her son’s father has engaged in a nasty campaign to argue that she’s an unfit mother.  So, this year has been tough all the way around.

The problems don’t stop there.  TMZ is reporting that the battle for Shepherd now has to do with the unborn surrogate baby that she agreed to have with her estranged husband Lamar Sally.  Sherri is now saying that her husband tricked her into having the baby just so he could get child support and therefore, she should not have to pay a penny to support the unborn child.

The baby is going to be born this month and rather entering into a well-to-do, loving home, he is being born in the middle of a nasty and chaotic divorce.   The surrogate mother signed a contract with the couple, so the baby belongs to Sherri and Lamar.  Lamar has said that he wants custody of the child, but Sherri says she doesn’t owe the baby a penny.  She also says she doesn’t want anything to do with it.

According to TMZ, the baby was conceived with Lamar’s spεrm, but not Sherri’s egg.  This has apparently been the foundation of Sherri’s legal argument that she owes nothing for the care of the child.  But the contract may argue otherwise.   Sources also say that Sherri has tried numerous times to get pregnant in vitro, but it didn’t work.  That’s when she and her former husband chose to find a surrogate and sign a contract.

Another interesting aspect of the case is that Sherri went out of her way to file for divorce in New Jersey rather than her home state of California.   New Jersey is more favorable to her side of the situation because the state doesn’t recognize surrogacy agreements.

The case is an interesting exploration into the way gender roles have shifted over the years.  Millions of men in the past have been forced to pay child support for children they didn’t want after the relationship fell apart.  In many cases, the man’s agreement to help bring a child into the world was enough justification for the idea that he is at least partially responsible for the child’s well-being.

In fact, there are documented cases where a man was forced to pay child support for a child that wasn’t his, even after he’d been deceived into believing that it was his child.

Should this not apply for Sherri Shepherd?

Please tell us what you think.  It’s clear that the biggest loser in all of this is going to be the baby.  It appears that his parents’ so-called love for him was only conditional upon their relationship remaining intact.  What is the future of this child who isn’t wanted by either of his mothers?