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Pastor Preaches Sermon on How to Love Black Men and Women (Podcast)

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freddy“Romance without finance is a nuisance,” is just one of the many unforgettable quotables from Your Black World‘s amazingly life-changing, informative, and humorous interview with Dr. Frederick D. Haynes III. It’s not everyday that a pastor preaches from the pulpit specifically on how to love a black woman and how to love a black man, but that is exactly what Dr. Haynes — nationally renowned pastor of Friendship West Baptist Church — did. Even more uncanny is the fact that this great word was issued forth on the heels of my hot-button article, “Black Men More Likely to Date White Women According to Research,” that stirred quite the debate among African-Americans concerning the strength of love relations among our men and women. Whether you believe the sistas are getting enough love from the brothas or not, the better question is if they are being loved properly.
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Today, we shall focus on segment one of Ayvaunn Penn’s four-part interview with Dr. Haynes — “How to Love a Black Woman: Part I.” Fellas, no matter what color you are, if you’re interested in loving a black woman here are 4 things you need to know. Listen to the podcast above to see what he has to say on the following matters which can be approximately navigated as follows:

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