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Two of the five oldest women on earth are African American

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The secrets to longevity have baffled scientists for many years.  Some say that “black don’t crack,” and it shows with some of the black women who’ve lived for an unbelievable amount of time.

It turns out that two of the five oldest women in the world happen to be African American.  Both of these women are over 115 years old, and both of them were 70 years old in 1970 (wow).
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Jeralean Taalley is 115 years old and lives in Michigan.  She was married for 52 years, but found that her life would be far longer than her marriage.  She still takes a fishing trip every year and says that one of her mottos in life is to  “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, that’s my way of living.”
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The other woman, Mushatt Jones, says that she still eats bacon, scrambled eggs and grits for breakfast.   This is hardly the kind of food you’d expect to keep someone her age alive, but apparently, she has extradordinary genes that allow her to keep relatively good health.
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Surprisingly, the forever young Jones also says that she loves to wear lacy lingerie.

“You can never get too old to wear fancy stuff,” she’s said.