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Man Allegedly Kills Fiancee, Claims She Shot Herself

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Candace McGriff

Candace McGriff

By Stephen Kanyi

A man was charged with the murder of his fiancée. The 30 year old had first claimed that the fiancée had committed suicide after he had broken up with her. The man, Antoine Hood, was the first to report what happened to the police after the incident occurred.

When the police arrived they found the body of the victim on the floor of the couple’s bedroom.
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Right next to it was a handgun that on further investigation was the one used to shoot her. The Atlanta Journal constitution reported that the murder occurred on Tuesday February the 17th. Antoine told the police that the victim had shot herself in the chest when he tried to break up with her. But on further investigation the police found that the incident was not a suicide. They claim that the forensic evidence found at the scene points to a murder. Although there was probable cause for suicide, the police claim that it was Antoine and not the victim herself who shot her. The victim’s name is Candace McGriff. She was a Ga. Elementary teacher. She taught physical education at C.J Hicks Elementary in Conyers.

After investigating the scene of the crime, the DeKalb County police arrested Antoine on Friday and charged him with the murder of Candace McGriff. At first he was only questioned and then released. However the autopsy of the body revealed that it was not a suicide. He was then apprehended on Friday. Hood is now being held at the DeKalb County jail. It is however unclear whether he had an attorney. He has not confessed to anything and awaits trial. It is unclear why Hood wanted to murder his fiancée. He claimed that she committed suicide because he was breaking up with her. Sources say that this is probably the cause for Hood’s actions. It is possible that when Candace tried breaking up with him he got upset and shot her.

This case and many others bring to light the dangers of having firearms in the possession of civilians. This has been the cause of much debate in America. The proponents of the idea that civilians should be allowed to carry firearms claim that it offers protection, however recent events clearly show that the disadvantages of having firearms in the homes of civilians far outweigh the advantages. The recent shootings in high schools are a clear testimony as to what is happening to the streets of America. Instead of reducing crime rates, they are actually going up. This has gone hand in hand with the spike in murder cases.