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Popular Girl’s Coach Fired for Entering Opposing Team’s Locker Room as They Dressed

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An Oklahoma coach with a winning season has lost his position after makingcoach perry what is being called a “wrong decision.”

Although both Putnam officials and the coach are keeping quiet, it was reported that the girl’s high school basketball coach entered the opposing team’s locker room as they were getting dressed.

Londaryl Perry took his girl’s team to the 6A tournament, but one mistake may have ended his successful run.

“They said I made a bad decision when I was trying to defuse a situation and in the process they told me I made a bad decision,” Perry told The Oklahoman. “That’s what I have to live with.”

Perry wouldn’t go into detail, but seemed to indicate that he was trying to stop an altercation when he intervened.

“I was trying to prevent something from escalating and it turned into something totally different, and I’m paying the price for it,” Perry said.

Putnam City Schools communications director Steve Lindley would not comment specifically about the incident.

“All I can tell you is this is a personnel matter and it’s confidential,” Lindley said.

Perry had a stellar record before joining Putnam and met expectations once he began heading the team.

“Putnam North made the Class 6A state tournament last season for the first time since 2010.
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The 18th-ranked Panthers finished fourth over the weekend in Deer Creek’s Bruce Gray Invitational while Perry served his suspension,” News OK reports.

Perry, who has two kids at the school who are also involved in sports, and will remain at the school as a teacher throughout the year.

“I need to finish out strong teaching because I don’t want any repercussions saying I didn’t do my job on that end,” he said. “I need to think about if I even want to coach now.”