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Metta World Triece: 5 Cute Protective Hair Styles For The Winter

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By: Metta World Triece


We as African American women have a major struggle in the winter and that struggle is trying to figure out what to do with our hair for the winter seasons. Some women don’t like weave and that is okay. There are so many options for the au natural girl as well as the diva who likes to rock that Indian Brazilian. (I’m one of those and honey ain’t nothing wrong with it.

  1. Pin Curls / Rod Sets

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This hairstyle will protect those women who still want their hair to be locked and coiled perfectly without having to add any water for the winter season. All you have to do is coil your hair every night, add plenty of oil and wear a silk bonnet to protect your hair when you go to bed at night. This hair style has some maintenance but it is cute and so worth it. buy cipro cheap no prescription

  1. Corn Rows

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Corn rows are a hair style that goes all the way back to the beginning of the evolution of black hair. You can add hair into your corn rows or just wear your own hair with this hair style. The only thing that I suggest is to just make sure that your braids are secure and not tight… Tight and secure are two different things. If the braids are too tight then it cause your scalp to bruise, you may lose hair or worse… You will get a hair line so far back that you won’t even be able to see it anymore… Not Cute! buy symbicort cheap no prescription

  1. Bun/Pony

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Ahhh! The old bun… A breath of fresh air if you ask me… So easy to maintain and quick. A bun can be a protective style for women with natural or relaxed hair. All you will need is 2/3 elastic hair bands, some edge control, a smoothing brush and get that baby hair poppin boo! You can even use a weave ponytail if your hair is too short… You can create your bun in so many different ways!

  1. Box Braids/Poetic Justice Braids

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There’s really not much to say about this style. The picture is pretty self explanatory of how cute and classy this hair style is. All I can say is just make Janet Jackson proud!

  1. Bantu Knots/Twist Outs

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The most popular hairstyles of this time for women who have natural hair or are trying to transition are the knotted and twisted hair styles. I am appreciative for these styles when I do my co-washes at night. All you need is a spray bottle filled with conditioner, water and your favorite hair oil and you can rock this style with all of your might… Cute! buy temovate cheap no prescription


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Metta World Triece

“Your Natural Hair Sista”

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