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Nojma Muhammad: 4 Types Of Women That Men Need to Avoid Like the Plague

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Nojma Muhammad discusses the secrets of the deflective sisterhood.


Secrets of the Deflective Sisterhood

by Nojma Muhammad

As we know, the Sisters of Deflection roll deep! In order to become a deflector, here are some roles one must master:

  1. The Coy Manipulator: Coy is is defined as (especially with reference to a woman) making a pretense of shyness or modesty that is intended to be alluring. In other words, using coy tricks to attract attention. As women, we will do things to deliberately get the attention of men but feign ignorance when we get your attention. We are very aware of how the sway of our hips entices you. We know what style of dress gets your attention.But wait! There’s more. We know how to manipulate you intellectually and emotionally as well. We will tell you exactly what you want to hear. We either whisper seductive or soothing words in your ear. Sometimes it’s a combination of both. We know exactly what to do and say to invoke the necessary reaction we want from you. By the time you realize that something is amiss — that who we presented ourselves to be, isn’t who we really are — you’ve already been caught in our snares, and more than likely, a child has been born.Most of us were taught how to manipulate men from our mothers and without their knowledge. The men in our families are our test runs. So by the time we are grown or young adult women, we have mastered the art of manipulation. The Coy Manipulator is EXTREMELY slick, Brothers. She may come in the form of a conscious, moral or disciplined woman, and all the while could be an undercover vixen or feminist.
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  3. The Antagonist: As antagonists, we become your number one enemy. We bait you into arguments. We belittle and disrespect you and dare you to return the favor. We don’t mind poking the hornet’s nest. We question your manhood and promptly disregard it. We will be very quick to threaten your relationship with your children and your freedom. Please believe that these are NOT veiled threats; we are more than happy to execute everything we say. A Bitter Antagonist is one of the worst adversaries because there’s no expiration date on bitterness. The energizer bunny has NOTHING on a bitter woman. She just keeps going and going…and going. Her goal is to wear you out so you will fold and succumb to her bitter demands.
  4. The Warden: When we become your warden, we also become your overseer. Our wombs double as a jail cell for both you and the child or children we conceived together. Child Support becomes your sentence. We control your freedom and remind you of that any time we deem it necessary. We control the contact/visitation you have with our child. There’s no chance of parole when a Bitter Baby Mama is your warden.
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  6. The Unaccountable Victim: This is the most important role of a Deflector. No matter how many men we invite in our wombs, we can’t be held accountable. No matter if a Brother has three Baby’s Mammas, and we volunteer to be Baby Mama number four, it’s not our fault. Just because we chose a man that we know won’t be good for us; whatever happens in the relationship rests solely on his shoulders. Even when we knowingly use our wombs for entrapment, it’s the man’s fault for falling for it. Even when we set out to seduce you, you take the entire blame for partaking in the seduction. Regardless of our actions, motives and thoughts we are always the victim that are void of accountability. We are the poor “woe is me,” strong, independent, Black Woman that got snatched up by the Big Bad Wolf…aka…the Black Man. Po lil’ tink tinks.
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Sounds about right Deflectors? Y’all let me know if I missed anything.