How To Maintain Little Girls Natural Hair (Video)

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How To Maintain Little Girls Natural Hair


By: NaturallyTriece

Little girls are just like adult women, as a little girl I can remember wanting my hair done just like my mommy’s. I remember thinking about the process the day before, but as soon as I sat down in that chair and she got started I’d began to regret the process just as fast as I came up with the idea.

Every woman can relate to their mom paying big bucks for them to get their hair done on Easter, Holidays or any other special occasion and when she would wrap it up at night, the first thing that mom would say is, “make sure this scarf stays on your head.” That comment scared me so bad, so I would try to sleep in a very still position to make sure that the scarf wouldn’t come off of my head. That next morning would roll around and of course, my hair looked like Buckwheat’s all after one night’s sleep.

Eventually parents get tired of paying to get their daughters hair done and it is understandable as to why, because maintaining a childs hair is extremely hard especially when you leave it up to them to wrap and secure it. So here are some ways that you can maintain your daughters hair during the Holidays for pictures and family gatherings.


1. Do easy styles that your precious little girl can maintain at night. Spiral curls, flat irons and any style that requires for the hair to be down, are horrible for little girls. They need things like cute braid styles or twists. Anything that does not consists of the hair flying all over the place when they are playing with friends and family at those family gatherings.


2. Buy an easy head wrap for her to do herself, something with a draw string would be perfect. Scarves tend to slip off at night, no matter what age you are. This is something that every black woman struggles with.

3. Watch this YouTube Video…


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