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Verdict in for Man Who Threw Girlfriend’s Baby Out Of Car Window

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A Florida man who threw his girlfriend’s baby out of a car window may spend the rest of hisMcTear guilty.jpg life in jail or worse.

Richard McTear Jr., 26, was convicted of first-degree mυrder, felony mυrder, burglary, aggravated child abυse, battery and kidnapping by a Florida jury on Thursday.

McTear threw his girlfriend’s baby out of the window in 2009, fatally injuring the 3 month old child.

After an argument with the child’s mother, Jasmine Bedwell, McTear threw the baby out of the car window while driving down the interstate.

A jury convicted McTear after having deliberated only 7 hours.

Although McTear wasn’t sentenced last week, he could face the deαth penalty for his crime.

According to prosecutors, McTear drove off with the baby after an argument and when police asked McTear what happened to the child, he cryptically said, “it’s a dirty game.”

Defense counsel argued that McTear was the victim of Bedwell’s lies. They pointed out that no evidence linked McTear to the crime and that the child could’ve been fatally injured by Bedwell’s new boyfriend.

“This is a case about reasonable doubt,” defense attorney Michael Peacock told the court on Wednesday. “That’s what this case is about. This is a case about the credibility of Jasmine Bedwell, the credibility.”

Prosecutors, however, successfully argued that McTear was responsible for the child’s death.

McTear’s previous court proceeding ended in a mistrial after Bedwell made statements on the witness stand that the judge had disallowed.

“The injuries to Murray (the baby) are entirely consistent with him having been ejected from a motor vehicle,” prosecutor Ronald Gale said.