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Mother Finds Bruises after Baby is Beaten By His Potty Trainer

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Stories of adults abusing small children are stories that I hate writing about, but this news comes to me way too often.

A woman is currently on trial for the injuries that were found on a one-year-old baby boy who was being potty trained. The woman called it “Potty Training Boot Camp”.

According to the news reports from Maui, on May 1 of 2013, the toddler’s mom dropped him off one morning at Rebecca Stapp’s home for “Potty Camp”, this was Stapp’s business that assisted children in potty training.

The company’s website explains that the first day of potty training will consist of the child wearing a diaper, but according to Police, when the child’s mother came to get him from Stapp’s home Stapp gave a quick explanation for the bruises that were clearly visible on the baby boys legs and near his groin area.

Upon picking up her child, the mother of the young boy did further examination of the bruises and came to notice bruises on his back as well. This is when she contacted Police.

When questioned, Stapp gave multiple reasons for the young boy’s bruises, none of which were consistent with each other.

Being that the bruises were all located in areas that were nonaccidental was a huge sign for the courts to take into consideration.

Stapp has plead not guilty to the charge of third degree assault, but hopefully justice will soon be served.

That poor baby got something that he did not deserve and I do, as I am sure that we all, hope that justice will be served in this particular case.

As for the mother of the boy, I hope that she has learned a vital lesson about leaving her child with people. There is no way that I would have left my son or daughter with someone who is clearly a perfect stranger. Potty training is a parent’s job anyway.

Stapp, 39, will receive what she deserves, I’m sure. Being that the little boy could not have done something so bad to the point that he needed to be beaten on his back and legs.