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Childish Behaviors That Make Marriage Difficult | Atiya

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One of the most important things for an adult to be able to do is get in touch with their inner-child. No matter how old we get, it is very important to still be able to play.  When couples are able to have fun together and be youthful, that makes for more excitement in the romance department. However, when that inner-child gets out of control and the adult takes the back seat, therein problems ensue.

Likewise, trouble enters paradise when control dramas possess us to the point where we start acting like mother or father to our mate and ascribe them to a position of our child, and not our husband or wife. Mothering and fathering is a part of the marital dynamic but it has its limits and when it spirals out of control; it causes a breakdown in the relationship as well as resentment.
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There is a very real difference between being childish and childlike. Having a childlike spirit is a very beautiful and lovely disposition.

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