Want To Lose Weight? Start With Detoxing Your Mind | Theresa Fowler

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by Theresa Fowler

Do you wish you looked a certain way? Do you compare yourself to airbrushed photos of your favorite celebrity and feel you always come up short? You need to begin letting go of the unrealistic notions you have about your body and aim your focus on living a healthier life. Let’s face it: losing weight isn’t easy or else everyone would be doing it successfully, right? Sometimes even just thinking about it can be overwhelming.

I know losing weight isn’t easy, because most of my life has not been so happy and healthy. Up until six years ago, I was sick, depressed, tired and obese. In fact, I felt like sh*t! At my largest (more than 100lbs heavier than I am now), I was squeezing into a size 26/28. During this period of my life, I refused to have my picture taken, because I hated to see pictures of myself. And I didn’t own a full-sized mirror, because I used to hate even looking at myself.

But I got to a point where things had to change. My father died at only 67 after suffering with Type 2 diabetes and its complications for more than 20 years, finally succumbing to pancreatic cancer. Watching his coffin being lowered into the grave was my turning point — I was already suffering from insulin resistance. And high blood pressure. And high cholesterol. And chronic bloating, constipation and indigestion. And candida albicans. And chronic swollen feet and ankles. And fibrous breast tissue. And skin sores, boils and cysts from the rubbing of clothes. And ingrown toenails. I couldn’t walk up a single flight of stairs without becoming breathless. I smoked up to 60 cigarettes a day. I drank at least a bottle of wine a night. My father’s death made me realize that I needed to get healthy in order to continue living my life and I had to be honest with myself as to where I was at.

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