Ne-Yo Clears The Air With Ex And Calls Ray-J Song Disrespectful

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neyoNe-Yo stopped by Philadelphia HOT 107.9 and spoke to the hosts, Shamara and Laiya, about everything that has been going on with him these days. When they got to the subject of exes, Ne-Yo wanted to clear the air about his own hang-ups with his ex-girlfriend, Jessica. Jessica and Ne-Yo had been at odds for a while and Ne-Yo wanted to set the record straight on finding out that Jessica’s son was not his.

He told the radio hosts that he always knew that there was chance that the child may not have been his son and he was fully prepared for that. He wanted everyone to know that the beef between the two was over and that they are on good terms. The beef initially stemmed from a VH1 Behind The Music episode that led viewers to believe that his then girlfriend intentionally made Ne-Yo believe that he was going to be a father. The documentary made Jessica look like a gold-digger. As a result, Jessica sued the singer for defamation of character.

Although the beef with Jessica may be over, there may be another conflict brewing. Of course Ne-Yo shut it down, before his words could be taken out of context.  Ne-Yo had a few words of advice and a critique for singer, Ray J, who released a song called, I Hit It First.

The song is allegedly not about Ray-J’s ex Kim Kardashian, although the girl used in the video is striking in resemblance. Ne-Yo said, “ I have not [heard it] and I will not. I personally feel like it’s nuts, it’s disrespectful for one. It’s disrespectful for the person that it is allegedly not about.”

While telling it like it is, Ne-Yo did offer to write the singer a new song, telling Ray-J that he was better than stooping so low. The hit-maker has been known to turn singers’ careers into gold, including his own, so Ray-J might have a fighting chance of getting more positive attention, if he links up with Ne-Yo.

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