Sweet: Boy Sends 1000 Girls Valentine Gifts so they Know “someone cares about them”

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valentine1By Victor Ochieng

Living in a society that values Valentine’s Day puts a lot of pressure on couples to purchase something special for their respective partners. For someone who values the holiday of admiration, it can be an upsetting experience when, at the end of the day, they find themselves without any gifts.
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But one boy in Oklahoma was not going to let the girls at Edmond High School end their Valentine’s Day without feeling loved. That’s why he decided to send Valentine’s Day gifts and candy to all 1076 girls at his school so that none of them would feel lonely on the special day.

“All the girls were surprised this morning,” said Laura Pitcock, one of the students.

Williams’ intention was to remain anonymous so as to leave the girls guessing who their ‘Romeo’ was.

“He wanted to stay anonymous, but I have a feeling a good deed like this is going to get out,” said student Sarah Cameron.
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Finally, his identity was revealed: He’s Dan Williams, an Eagle Scout. He worked hard and saved during the summer to raise enough money to deliver the surprise. Williams revealed that he doesn’t have a girlfriend.

“To know that someone cares about them, that the best feeling in the world I think,” he said.

At the end of it all, all that effort didn’t go in vain. The girls were really excited about their gifts, and showed their appreciation by making a huge “Thank You” card for Williams.

“Even if it’s just for a day, it really means a lot,” said Molly Feigel, one of the present recipients.

Williams’ act shows selflessness that isn’t always common.It was very thoughtful of him to think about and care about the fact that not all the girls would receive Valentine’s Day gifts from their special ones.
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Williams’ gifts changed the topic from what the girls received from their boyfriends to what everyone received. That alone made it possible for every girl to be on the same level, reducing feelings of loneliness in any girl.