Man Rapes Woman While Her Boyfriend Lies Next To Her

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Man Rapes Woman While Her Boyfriend Lies Next To Her

A man broke into the Phoenix home of a woman that he saw at a bar and rapes her at knifepoint while her scared a** boyfriend watches, “frozen in fear.”

According to the NY Daily News, Tilfert Vaughn, 54, has been arrested after police said that he’d snuck into a 27-year-old victim’s apartment, took off his clothes and held a knife up to her throat while he raped her in her own bed.

“Now you have a baby. Bless it and take care of it,” is what Vaughn told the young lady after the attack, according to AZ Central Reports.
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The boyfriend of the victim woke up as he heard Vaughn creep into the bed where he and his girlfriend were sleeping.

The boyfriend “struggled,” suffering severe wounds to his fingers which caused him to get surgery in order to repair nerve damage.

Wow! Finger damage… Ummm, yeah.
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Talk about being emasculated! Watching the young lady that you love being raped and complaining about finger damage. I’m sure that she experienced way worse damage than he could even imagine.
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What are your thoughts? Cowardly cornball or just staying on his side of the bed.

Either way, he has a lot of explaining to do to her father.