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Ludacris’ Baby Mama Drama After The Wedding!

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By: Naturally Triece

We all saw that beautiful proposal from rap star Ludacris to his girlfriend, of 6 years, Eudoxie, just a couple of days ago and not long after the proposal they were then married. We all loved the idea and thought that they made an amazing couple. But according to the mother of his daughter, Tameka is claiming that the only reason why he married his long time girlfriend so fast and without planning a wedding is because he wants to get custody of his daughter.

She also claims that he does not want to pay $7,000 a month in child support. DANG! $7,000 a month? I think I would hurry up and get down on one knee too. My goodness.

I hope that this is not the only reason why he married Eudoxie because no woman deserves to be used in that way, but I also hope that Tameka really doesn’t feel this way.

Ludacris, also known as Luda or Christopher Bridges, is an American hip-hop star who has taken the musical charts by storm years ago and ever since has been featured on many chart climbing hits with artists such as D.J. Khaled, Ciara, Trina and Young Jeezy. With his fast spit of lyrical bliss and amazing stage presence, his performances have never been anything short of pure perfection.

Ludacris’ daughter, only a year old, is the child that he and Tameka have together and it is sad to see two parents fighting over such an adorable girl. Hopefully these two can come up with some sort of agreement and just be happy for their daughter. At the end of the day she is their common denominator and she deserves nothing but the best.

Here is a audio video from Breakfast Club with the latest…


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