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Naturally Triece: How To Roller Set Natural Hair (Tutorial Video Inside)

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By: Naturally Triece

One thing that I have experienced that I know is a tough task is trying to roller set my natural hair. Once you decide to go natural, that means that you basically give up all privilege to decide to get roller sets, from that point on. In this particular article I will show a video but also give some of my tips and tricks on how to roller set your natural hair…

Roller Set Rolling Tip 1: Make sure that your hair is shampooed and conditioned very well. Once you have rinsed out your conditioner thoroughly be sure to use a wide tooth comb to comb through any knots or beads that your curly hair can bring.

Roller Set Rolling Tip 2: After you have combed through your hair then apply your favorite hair oil. Moroccan or Argon Oil are great oils to apply when hair is wet and you are anticipating your roller set.

Roller Set Rolling Tip 3: Part off you hair into sections. Sectioning is always very vital to any natural or relaxed hairstyle because you want organization when styling your own hair. The reason why sectioning is so important is because you don’t want to miss any sections of the hair or grab uneven pieces of the hair to style. This will cause your hairstyle to lose its own consistency.

Roller Set Rolling Tip 4: Begin Rolling. When you roll your hair be sure to make sure that the hair is as smooth as possible on the roller and make sure that the hair is secure. Security in any roller set is extremely important because once the hair comes loose from the roller, that means that a natural curl has formed and will mess up the smoothness and consistency of your roller set.

Roller Set Rolling Tip 5: Watch & Enjoy This Fabulous Video… 🙂

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