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Naturally Triece: Why You Should Never Get Relaxers At Home…

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By: Naturally Triece


Relaxers can still be a girls best friend. If you are one of those girls who just don’t like the natural hair look and relaxers are what make you feel more comfortable then I definitely suggest that you get a relaxer, if that is what makes you feel good about yourself. Relaxers can be a great experience, along with the whole process of getting your hair shampooed, conditioned, and styled. It can be a very rejuvenating experience that can allow you to just relax for a couple of hours, without a care in the world.

There are many reasons why I stopped getting relaxers and some of those reasons were because of the cost. I couldn’t afford to pay the money for a stylist to relax my hair every 6-8 weeks just because I was a college student who had no money and no job. I was po’.

I used flat irons constantly, trying to continue getting that straight haired look and then eventually I decided that I was going to give up completely on the maintenance. Now, with that being said, there are still some women who like the thought of having straight hair and not having to worry about trying to work out the kinks… No pun intended. Those women are still just as beautiful to me as natural haired women.

The one thing that I highly do not recommend though, is to not try doing relaxers on yourself. Trying to teach yourself how to do a relaxer is like putting air in a tire for the first time. You don’t necessarily know when to stop pumping air before the tire blows. Relaxers are the same way.

Back in college I remember watching my friends trying to apply relaxers to their own heads and constantly over processing their hair. They would buy these $6 relaxers from Wal-Mart and go back to our community bathrooms with the high hopes that their hair would flow like Janet Jacksons. By the time they were done they looked more like Tito. Their hair would go limp, they had no choice but to wear it the way that it was. And I always thought to myself, thank God that is not me.

So if I could make one small suggestion to any woman out there or any young college girl who is still on the fence about whether to apply her own relaxer or not… If you are going to get a relaxer or any other chemical service then please go to a professional. That is what they are there for. It is their job to make sure that you look good for the price that you pay.

Now, if you aren’t able to fund the relaxer then I would recommend that you just wait until the next given holiday or break that your school receives so that you can just go home, weep to your parents and allow them to give you the money. Because trust me… Trying to do it yourself is not a smart idea or an intelligent move.

Thanks for Reading & Happy Holidays!

And here is just a small video that I found… I thought it was quite interesting that she didn’t even mention a neutralizer for the hair…

Which is the most important part of the relaxing process by the way…


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