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Naturally Triece: DIY Crochet Braids! (tutorial)

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By: Naturally Triece

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Crochet hairstyles have been around for years and they are finally back! This protective hair style is one that is great for naturals as well as women who are relaxed. If you want to give your hair a rest and wear something fizzy, sassy and sexy? Then crochet braids are your match!

I remember at the age of 9 when I got my first set of crochet braids. They were awesome! My mom didn’t have to do my hair for a whole 2 months because all I had to do was shampoo my hair from under the braids. The braids took 4 hours to do but the wait was so worth it.
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The crochet hairstyles that I have seen lately, like the ones above, are styles that definitely take us all back to our roots as African American women and remind us that kinky, curly, thick and course hair is okay to have. It doesn’t make you any less beautiful than you already are. It just rejuvenates your look.

In the video below, Lakita Antionette shows a small sample of how she installed her crochet braids, along with the type of hair that she used, the method that she used to style the hair and also the finished look all together.
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This style is awesome for little girls, if you don’t want to style your daughters hair every single day but you want her to have something that will last, help her hair growth and allow her to still wear the cute styles that little girls love.
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I would recommend still treating your hair applying oil and wrapping your crochet weave at night. Don’t neglect your real hair while trying to cater to the fake hair. You will truly regret it once you finally take out your crochet braids.

Watch this video girls!

Thanks for reading & watching!


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