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How your relationship with your father determines the kind of man you choose

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Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 8.26.48 PMSome people like Dr. Umar Johnson and some don’t.  But this video may take the cake in realizing why people love him and have come to respect his expertise as a psychologist.  In this video, Dr. Johnson talks about the struggles of black women, the depression and the decisions which drive a woman’s actions in relationships.

For one thing, Dr. Johnson says that many black women lack sisterhood and the ability to trust other women.  He says that because of the trauma that sisters experience, there are quite a few who either don’t trust the men they are with, or find themselves emotionally needy.  He says that because many people are not reflective enough about their own mental state, they often miss many of the cues to help them understand why they keep choosing the same kind of partner over and over in their lives.

Dr. Johnson’s words are powerful in this video and may help you realize what’s happening in your own relationships.   He’s also the only prominent black speaker who touches on these issues in such a profound way.  As a trained psychologist, he’s able to dig to the root of issues without being overly patronizing or chastising and seems to provide a kind of truth that is well-respected among those who observe his speeches.

Watch the video and tell us what you think.

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