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Apollo Nida feels that Phaedra Parks has abandoned him since his conviction

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phaedra-apollo-new-babyThe pending divorce and unfortunate breakdown of the marriage of Apollo Nida and Phaedra Parks is one of the most talked about relationship outcomes in America right now. With Apollo on his way to prison for fraud, Phaedra is giving the impression that she knew nothing about what he was doing, with The Real Housewife slowly but surely distancing herself from the situation so as to protect her assets and her children.

In a recent string of media appearances, Apollo talks about his future in prison and the state of his relationship with Phaedra. He says that Phaedra “didn’t even come to the f**king sentencing,” and seems to feel that she’s abandoned him when he needed her the most.

In this episode of Financial Lovemaking, Dr. Boyce Watkins and Ebony Magazine Entertainment Director S. Tia Brown discuss the future of this awkward marriage and whether or not there are things that Phaedra could have done to avoid these outcomes with Apollo.

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Phaedra met Apollo back in 1995, so the two have a long history together.  Apollo had been sent to prison twice in theft and fraud-related cases, so there is an argument to state that perhaps Phaedra should have seen the warning signs.  Not only does this financial fraud case bring serious emotional setbacks for the couple, there are very real legal implications for Phaedra, as well as the possibility that her own finances could be jeopardized to recover for Apollo’s criminal activity.

The conversation is below: