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Couple Celebrates 75 Years of Marriage…

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Back in 1934, William Fullwood, a young baseball player in the Negro Leagues, couldn’t imagine doing anything more than marrying the love of his life, Williemae. Someone that he described as a “God-fearing and God-loving” woman who taught in a one-room school in the state of Georgia.

She initially told him ‘no’ because of their three year age difference, but eight children, 23 grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren later, William calls Williemae his eternal Valentine.

William, 98, and Williemae, 101, share a room at the Mount Laurel Center for Rehabilitation in the state of New Jersey, and the love just never stops.

William, 97, and Willie Mae Fullwood, 100, both of Mount Laurel have been married for 75 years.  They have 8 children together and currently stay in t...

“She kept telling me I was too young, but I kept coming back,” William loves telling his love story to the staff at the center and they love listening to it. “One day she called me and said she was ready.”

The staff threw the couple a joined birthday party to celebrate with their family and friends.

According to their youngest son, Earnest Fullwood, 59, William did enough persuading and Williemae finally agreed. He says that the reason why their love has stood the test of time is because it was the real deal.

“They are truly in love,” Fullwood told TODAY. “They don’t ever have a bad day and they are always cheerful and never cranky or moody. They say they are blessed to wake up each morning.”

The couple is said to be in good health and William is described as an awesome husband, one who takes care of his wife by making sure that she is dressed every day, making sure that she gets her breakfast, lunch and dinner, and also making sure that the nurses and doctors take good care of her.

They still have all eight of their children, and they all surprised them at the joint birthday party to celebrate their birthdays which are only 2 days apart.

Image: Fullwoods' birthday party

Williemae had two sisters who lived until they reached their 90’s, but William credits his parents for his long life and long-lasting, faithful marriage.

The couple is longtime members of The Second Baptist Church of Moorestown.

Wow! Do you guys think that you could stay with the same person for 75 years?

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  1. Kimberly

    February 14, 2015 at 3:06 pm

    I love this couple!A true inspiration and YES!If I love someone I love them hard and even tho we would get on each others nerves from time to time,grew from those mistakes and respected and honored each other I could love them and stay with them forever!

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