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Todd Does Not Give Me Enough $ex, Says RHWOA’s Kandi; Mentions Divorce

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kandi-and-todd-2By Nomalanga Mhlauli-Moses

It seems like, lately, Kandi Burruss is the “Real Housewife of Atlanta” with the most interesting story of the group, each week. Last week the former member of the all girl singing group Xscape revealed her play failed because they ran out of money. This week Mrs. Tucker may have shared too much personal information.

In a conversation with her personal assistant and best friend, Kandi starts out telling Carmon that her and Todd got into a minor disagreement. The reality star then goes on to tell her friend that things are not going well in the bedroom either.
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She says,

“We don’t even have $ex like that anymore!…We may do it once a week. I initiate it.”

As Carmon gasps in surprise at the news (and over-sharing, in my opinion), Kandi goes on to suggest that she is beginning to get somewhat suspicious, saying,

“The amount of time we have $ex – once a week, it seems like somebody’s cheating.”

Kandi goes on to tell Carmon that even though she is a little suspicious of Todd, he insists that he is not cheating and then shares that in a conversation with him, he asked her a good question. Todd asked Kandi what advice she’d give a friend going through the same problems that they’re going through.

“If I was giving me advice, I probably would say either y’all need to go to counseling or you’re going to be on your way to a divorce,” Kandi says. “We’re just going to have to work it out.”

While I understand that Kandi and Carmon are best friends, I think that Kandi “putting her business on the street” like that is a very bad idea. Granted, it may be okay to confide in a friend when you need to talk to someone but those conversations should certainly be reserved for the times when camera crews are not in the house.
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Another bit of advice that I would give Kandi is that, if she needs to talk things out with a friend, Carmon is not a the best choice. While Carmon may lend a sympathetic ear and even give what sounds like good advice, it is generally not a good idea to discuss your marital woes with a woman who is not married and has not sustained that marriage long-term.

Often when close friends and family hear about conflict in a marriage, the temptation to take sides and protect their loved ones is very strong and can often conflict with doing what is best for the health of the marriage, long-term.
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The one good thing that I heard was that Kandi said that she thought that counseling was a good idea. I hope that they will follow through and get an experienced and qualified third party who will help them work out their issues and also help them equip themselves with the skills that are required to manage a healthy marriage and family.

Nomalanga is a Life Balance Expert. Her speaking and coaching programs help busy women who struggle to balance Marriage, Motherhood and Money-Making™.  She is an avid blogger and a sought after instructor and speaker.