Playa Playa! Leo DiCaprio Kissing another Chick In Front of Rihanna

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Playa Playa! Leo DiCaprio Kissing another Chick In Front of Rihanna

By: Naturally Triece

Talk about a fast hit and quit. Less than a month after RihRih and Leo began dating, he has already moved on to a new bird. Crazy right?!

Word on the street is that Leo DiCaprio has quickly gone back to his player ways and kicked Rihanna to the curb. After she told him that he was getting too fat, I guess that was enough for him.

DiCaprio was seen hanging out with some tall model type chick with blonde hair at the 1Oak in L.A. on Saturday, February 7th… Seven days before Valentine’s Day.

An insider claims that they were making out and it was clearly more than just friends. It was obvious that they didn’t care who saw, being that Rihanna was only feet away!
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“Rihanna was at the owner, Richie Akiva’s table, downstairs,” an inside source tells RadarOnline exclusively.

“Leo was at a separate table. He had his own by the DJ booth.”
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Back in January it was Rihanna who had those lips all over her face, when they were seen kissing at the Playboy mansion on January 11. They also were said to have brought in the 2015 New Year together at the La Plage Club located in St. Barts.

Neither Rihanna or Leo confirmed their swirly love over the past few weeks, people just knew what they were seeing. But maybe it wasn’t what we all thought.
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Just friends with benefits? Possibly.

Body counts? Neck and neck… He slang em’ and she bang em’! All I can do is just hope that the two of them can find somebody, I mean damn… Is it that hard to find authentic love amongst the stars in Hollywood these days? I guess so.


Naturally Triece

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