G. Brown: InStyle Magazine Denies Lightening But They May Have Slimmed Her Nose

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Most would describe Kerry Washington’s skin tone as a beautiful cocoa color.  So when a picture of Washington was released on InStyle magazine cover looking more like “Vanilla” fans took their frustrations to social media… and this issue has caused a frenzy!

“Olivia Pope” must have told the magazine you don’t ignore a firestorm that big when its burning in your backyard. InStyle magazine responded to all the furious fans screaming about “white washing” Washington shades lighter than her normal skin tone. InStyle says it was “lighting” not intentional “lightening” that was the problem.

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  1. Claire

    February 9, 2015 at 1:18 pm

    I’m torn a bit. I know as a pale girl I find that using darker powder to contrast my features when getting all made up is flattering. It’s not my way of masking myself but instead “playing up my features or minimizing my lesser perfect ones”. When I hear that Kerry was highlighted I don’t see it as taking away from her beauty as a black woman. I think it’s okay to highlight and contrast. My brown-skinned bestie has an app on her phone that lightens her features a bit but it’s not because she doesn’t love being a beautiful brown woman it’s because in a photo you can’t appreciate the real person and true lighting in the room. Don’t be so harsh. Black women are beautiful, the world knows that more today than ever.

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