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Drunk Couple Almost Dies After Falling Asleep In Dumpster

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Drunk Couple Almost Dies After Falling Asleep In Dumpster

By: Naturally Triece

A couple recently got so drunk after a night of partying and hitting up casino’s that they decided that it would be a good idea to take a nap in a dumpster! Yea, not so smart…

In Tampa, FL the rowdy night ended with them being tossed into a garbage truck early on Wednesday morning.

The driver of the truck, shocked, was just starting to work his morning route when he heard yelling and banging coming from the back of the truck. The driver pulled over at around 5 AM and found Donald Jordan, 37, and Lisa Sirbella, 49, trapped in the back of the truck, according to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office.

The couple was said to have appeared really intoxicated and were resting in the dumpster after hitting the slots in the casino, according to police. Jordan smelled of alcohol and was slurring his speech when trying to tell officers what happened.

The truck driver called 911, the couple was rescued by the emergency responders and taken to Tampa General Hospital, where they’d received treatment for back pain after being tossed and turned and almost crushed in the back of the garbage truck.

When I first read this story I thought that they were possibly a homeless couple who just needed a place to sleep, but when I heard that they were just drunk and passed out it still didn’t seem to make any more sense.

Why didn’t these two just go back to their hotel or to their car?

Were they both that slammed to the point that they couldn’t even walk through the parking lot and sleep in their car?

SMH… People do the dumbest things at times and sometimes those things will cause you to fall asleep in the dumpster of the casino… Smelly!