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Boo Thang Files! Nicki Minaj Officially Confirms Her Relationship with Meek Mill (For Real This Time)

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Nicki Minaj & Meek Mills have been starting up a lovely little whirlwind of romance and curiosity throughout the hip-hop community. Nicki has posted their lovey-doveyness on to her Instagram and also finally went public about her ‘divorce’ to decade-plus boyfriend, Safaree Samuels.

It has been said that she was dating the Maybach Music rep for a while now, but nothing confirmed it more than this recent pic that has just began to surface.

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Nicki Minaj is the largest known female rap artist in the game and Young Meek Mills is one of the most prominent rappers of today as well as the future. It is just so interesting to see these two coupled up, being that no one really ever saw it coming.

Minaj (32) and Mill (27) have been spotted on multiple occasions hugged up, riding on motorcycles together and now kissing on the cheek! It would only make sense that you would puzzle the two together as a match made in hip-hop heaven.
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The Barbie of the industry recently did an interview with Angie Martinez, talking about her love life and her very public break-up that no one ever saw coming… Because no one knew exactly that she and Safaree were even together.

People thinking that he was her hype man and her robotic back up dancer, then to see her ranting on Twitter about him being a corn ball and making it seem like he wasn’t doing what he should have done as her man. It was crazy!
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But you know what? Regardless of all that, I am glad that Ms. Minaj found a person that she could be with and be proud to say that she is with. They seem happy together and all I can do is hope that it’s not just an act…
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