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NeNe Leakes Accused of Snatching Someone Elses T-Shirt Design

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We all know Nene Leakes as the one who is “so nasty and so rude!” well apparently a black owned business, Tees In The Trap, feels the same about her t-shirt designs. Claiming that the reality star stole their design.

Tees In The Trap claims that Nene stole their ‘Girl Bye’ shirt idea more than once and they are trying to currently put a stop to her messy madness.

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“Tees in the Trap is a small black-owned family business that creates state tees based on pop culture and the the urban girl experience. We design, print and distribute our products directly from our location in Maryland.

Tees in the Trap sent our retailer Olori Swank of Swank Blue several of our shirts at the end of October to sell at her pop up shop in Atlanta.

Nene Leakes visited the shop on November 1st 2014 and purchased our black and white Girl Bye tee in large that was stamped with our logo in the collar.

A few weeks later she posts a photo of herself wearing our shirt on Instagram. Of course her fans went wild about the shirt saying she needs to be selling this shirt.

Two weeks later she launches an online shop with the same exact design as our Girl Bye tee – a shirt we’ve been selling since we launched in April 2014. Of course we were infuriated and confused. Nene claims to be above shady business dealings, but blatantly stole our shirt design and store concept.

While we can’t stop her from selling a Girl Bye tee, we did legally stop her from selling a design that looked exactly like ours. That must have made Nene upset, that we had her shirt removed and she had no power or control over doing otherwise.

Sounds like this small owned business is sick of Big Leakes coming in and trying to take over everything, and unlike many others that she has had a run in with, they are not scared of her or her big footsteps.

Mrs. Leakes, you better find you a new slogan girl… Bye!


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