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Naturally Triece: Teacher Oversteps Her Boundaries In The Class Room…

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By: Naturally Triece

A picture of a before and after in an Elementary School has surfaced earlier this week, when the teacher decided to style one of her students “tangled” hair and post it on Facebook. Do you think this is just another post-Holidays act of kindness or is this something that the teacher should have let the parents handle?
According to this is what the teacher posted to Facebook along with a before and after picture, about the student and her hair:

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“So one of my students came to school today with her hair full of knots, lent [sic], and ridiculously tangled. It looked like it hand’t been touched the entire holiday break…so my classroom became a salon. The photo on the left is before and the right after . It just broke my heart so badly that I refused to let her leave school today the same way she came. When I finished she looked at herself and said “aww so pretty”…the beauty is that she is normally non-verbal. So now I’m crying lol. My day has been made!”

As a parent, aunt, uncle, grandparent, big brother, big sister, whatever you may be… Would you feel some type of way about this teacher taking matters into her own hands or would you be glad that someone finally did the little girls hair?

What the teacher should have done, if she hadn’t already, was just simply call the parents, ask them if it was okay to do their daughters hair and then just do it… Not take pictures, talk about how you felt or post it on social media. Does she not understand that social media images can either be taken one of two ways… Either people will love it and think that you did an amazing deed for the child and the parents or it can be taken as if you should have not touched her at all.

I know that most black women take things like this pretty seriously and feel that it is no one else’s job to touch their child or groom them in any way, however, if you take it that seriously then you should have taken the grooming process seriously that morning before sending your child off to school with lint balls in her hair…

I don’t know what to think… This particular topic is all over the place and can be viewed so many ways… What do you guys think?

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