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Naturally Triece: 4 Tips For Growing Long & Healthy Natural Tresses

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Many women ask questions about why their hair won’t grow, how to get it to grow and what they can use to make it grow faster than normal… Before they go crazy of course.

Before I give you any tips, I think that you need to know that your hair is growing right now as we read. Your hair never stops growing and it grows from the roots. Some women believe that once their hair gets to a certain length then it just STOPS……. No, your hair doesn’t just stop. With necessary trims, conditioning treatments and many other hair care tips and tricks you can have long, healthy and happy hair.

Here are 4 things that I have tried in the last year which have helped me to experience tremendous hair growth beyond my own imagination.

Hair Growth Lesson 1

Shampoo, co-wash and rinse your hair when it is deemed necessary. After applying all sorts of gels and hair oils, it is always best to be sure to shampoo all that stuff out. You never want to keep the build-up from those products on your hair because then you will experience what I like to call ‘scalp congestion’. You want to make sure that your scalp is cleansed and free of any suffocation, because you want your hair to grow up in a good environment free of unnecessary clutter.

Hair Growth Lesson 2

Don’t manipulate the hair! Constant combing and brushing on tightly coiled hair is a disaster like no other. You never want to manipulate the hair, this will keep down your split end crime rate. (Yes, split ends are a crime!)

Hair Growth Lesson 3

Trim your hair when you or your stylist deem it necessary. I say that because you never want to say that you get your hair trimmed every 2 months or every month because you may not have split ends at that time. You want to get your ends trimmed when there is hair that needs to be trimmed.

This will keep down the breakage and allow your hair to grow happily.

Hair Growth Lesson 4

Use oils that penetrate your hair! Oils that just sit on the hair strands like any butters or creams are usually the ones that you may want to avoid in this sense. You want to use oils like Olive Oil and or Coconut Oil to make sure that the oil actually penetrates the hair shaft and scalp to retain the moisture.


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