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Naturally Triece: Make Your Relaxed Hair Blend In With Naturally Curly Weave With This Very Simple Trick!

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By: Naturally Triece

Following up behind my transitioning hair article  I have taken it upon myself to give a small tutorial to you ladies on how to make your relaxed or transitioning hair blend in with a naturally curly hair weave.

Big hair is the trend of these here days and I love wearing my big wigs and weaves. I love it because it gives my hair some personality and life. I feel beautiful, glamorous and fabulous amongst many other things and I just love every little bit of the natural hair that I rock on my head when I wear these many different styles and colors of weave.

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The young lady in the video, Lover4Fashion, who I am sure many of you ladies have heard of, is going to show us how she manages her relaxed hair when wearing a curly weave.

Lover4Fashion is mostly known for her styling advice and the cute outfits that she tends to model every so often on her Youtube channel. She also gives makeup advice and she presents herself in an extremely professional manner.

Lover shows you ladies what she does at night to prep her hair for the next day. By using perm rods she shows how well she is able to make her hair blend with the curled weave that she is modeling oh so well.

The only tips of advice that I would recommend when doing something like this is when you use perm rods, please be sure to put end papers on the ends of your hair. End papers are used to protect your ends from any breakage and just keeps the curl looking nice and neat.

I would also recommend possibly using some sort of setting lotion on your hair. The reason for the setting lotion (in my case) is because it just helps my hair to gain and keep the desired form that I created with the perm rods.

That’s really all the advice that I have, there wasn’t a lot to give being that she did this tutorial pretty flawlessly.

So thanks for reading & watch this short video ladies!

Thanks for watching guys!


Naturally Triece

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