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Naturally Triece: 4 Easy Ways To Grow Back Your Edges

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If you are anything like me then you have experienced every hair condition under the sun. One that I experienced about 5 years ago that became a huge problem for me was the struggle of losing my edges. This is something that every black woman talks about because every black woman has experienced it. I plan to stop the issue from now on. I used to put quick weaves in my hair constantly without using the proper precautions for protecting the hair. I would just slap the bond glue on and lay a track over it without thinking about what I am doing to damage my own crown and glory.

Today I have come to you ladies with an article that hits really close to home for me and I’m sure will hit really close to home for you… Here are the steps on how to regrow your edges after all of the braids and twists, this is an article that will take all of the edgeless nightmares away.

Living On The Edge Tip 1:

Stimulate Your Scalp.
Give your scalp a nice massage every time that you shampoo. Use conditioning treatments that contain some sort of peppermint. This will allow the blood circulation to flow properly and give your scalp the life that it once knew. When the hair feels good and has some motivation then it will begin to do what you want it to do… Grow back!

Living On The Edge Tip 2:

Unclog Your Scalp.
You may be wondering how you could possibly do this. One way that I unclog my scalp after a week on constant gel use or using any other heavy hair products is by using a Clarifying Shampoo. This shampoo will strip the hair of all of the things that it does not need, doing exactly what it is meant to do. Clarify. Once the scalp is thoroughly clean then it will feel cleansed and light. It will seem like your hair can finally breathe again. I mean who wants a suffocated head anyway?

Living On The Edge Tip 3:

Stop Adding Tension To Your Hair.
The puff balls, twisties, braids and ponytails are all really cute but they are not suppose to be extremely tight. You can secure your hair without making it really tight. This will cause you to lose hair without any recollection.
And also… Be sure to use a softer bristled brush when brushing your edges to get them smooth.

Living On The Edge Tip 4:

Use Oil In Your Hair.
You don’t have to use my recommendations, but these are some ideas of oils that you could consider using.
1.) Coconut Oil: Which promotes hair growth.
2.) Caster Oil: Which cleanses toxins on/in the scalp.
3.) Peppermint Oil: Gives the scalp the proper amount of stimulation. I would recommend mixing this with your shampoo or conditioning treatments before going under the dryer.

With these tips, you should be able to tell a difference in the edges of your hair within 3 weeks.

Thank you for reading!
Naturally Triece

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