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Naturally Triece: 3 Ways To Have A Smooth Transition From Relaxed To Natural

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By: Naturally Triece

I have a younger cousin, she is a senior in high school and pretty soon she will be going off to college. She makes me so proud and I just wanted to write an article about her and her natural journey, but not only about her… I also wanted to write this article for all of those other girls who are thinking about going natural or are already transitioning like she is.

naturally triece and brittney

I have come up with 3 things to look out for when you are transitioning and 3 ways that you should and will be able to handle them.

Natural hair is a prideful movement that I finally think people are starting to catch on to but we all have that one person that we know who wants to down talk the natural movement… This article is to show you how to handle those situations! As well as many others.
Smooth Transition Lesson 1

Don’t Listen To Those Natural Haters…

Natural hair is a lifestyle that we as African American women and men have brought back to life. I am proud to say that I am apart of the culture and the lifestyle… Not just living it but also writing about it!

My cousin, on the other hand, has dealt with people telling her… “You need a relaxer… Your hair is too thick…” And I’m just like, “the hell you do!” Letting her know that she is absolutely gorgeous no matter how she chooses to wear her hair.

Stunning is an understatement for natural hair, and those people who try to tell you different… If I were you I would just put them on mute! Asap! Who needs their opinion anyway?

Smooth Transition Lesson 2

Don’t Use Any Chemicals or Massive Heat

When transitioning, if you want every thing to go as planned then I would recommend staying away from all of the harsh chemicals and flat irons. Give your hair a life by looking to styles such as twist outs, braid outs, wigs, or sew-ins… Sew-ins were my best friend when I transitioned back to my natural state, and my cousin has currently decided to do the same.

Smooth Transition Lesson 3

Keep Calm & Stay Patient

The waiting process is the sucky part but I promise if you just hold your horses for one year… You won’t be displeased!

Something that I did to handle this part of the natural journey was wear weaves and wigs. I would let my hair out for a week after wearing a sew-in for about 8 weeks, just to let my scalp breathe but once I’d purchased more hair, my natural hair went back into a secure braiding pattern and I stuck it underneath a knitting cap.

After one whole year of doing this I finally decided on Christmas that I would straighten my own hair and I was so pleased with the results. My hair went from the nape of my neck to the top of my shoulder!

Before                                                                               After

patrice short hair                                             christmas

So I know from experience that if you just have patience then length will come!

I will be continuing this transitioning tutorial pretty soon with a part two… Please be sure to check it out once it surfaces. 🙂

Thanks for Reading!


Naturally Triece

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