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Keyshia Cole’s Ratchet Family Is At It Again… Fighting Over Camera Time

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Ratchet City! Keyshia Cole’s Adopted Family Wants Some Camera Time… Just Like the Biological Bunch

Keyshia Cole’s adopted family says that they are tired of not getting as much camera time as the others… You know, Franky n’ em.

It looks as if Keyshia Cole’s family drama is never ending, but I get the feeling that the not-so-pleasantly sounding songstress doesn’t want it to end, being that she has a new reality show… Once again… About her family… Once again.

‘Keyshia Cole: All In’ is her newest B.E.T. reality show that hasn’t even started yet, but the issues are already taking way for the new season to come.

Supposedly Cole’s adopted family members are upset because they aren’t getting their piece of the spot light when it comes to the biological family, which is a little ghetto and a little ratchet.

After this week’s sneak peek of the show, Keyshia’s adopted cousin felt the need to take to social media and vent her feelings about the singer, her biological family, and how upset she was for not getting enough camera time.

Cole addressed the family beef on her Instagram account and tried to hash things out in the calmest way that she knew how…


This first season is probably going to be pretty epic, being that every other show that Keyshia was the star of was one that meant lots of fighting, a few tripletsomes, cheating husbands, divorced sisters who cry all the time and a crazy momma who makes up her own words and saying just at the drop of a dime.

So I know!… That this season of Keyshia & the Fam is going to be something to watch and laugh at… Being that I have found comic relief in all of her other reality projects, as well as her albums!

This family always gives me something to write about, and I appreciate them for that. My job never gets sour and it never gets old… All because of the men and women of her family who volunteer to be put in front of the camera.

Is it right to laugh at people and their pain? Absolutely not… But what I do laugh at is people who want to expose their pain on national television and fight about who will get to air out the most of their business just to gain followers on Instagram… SMH. Ho sit down! Puh-Lease!


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