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Kandi Burrus Toys Around With The Idea of An Xscape Biopic

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So, as you saw from the title, we may have another one. Let’s just hope that the film is not on Lifetime, being that they do butcher African American stars to shreds when they make a biopic with the network.

Last week, we learned that there are two Destiny’s Child biopics already in the works and now it seems that Xscape wants a piece of the pie.

According to Hip Hollywood, Burrus is totally up for producing a movie for the group, to post it on the Big Screen (hopefully) and make some things happen.

After all, she did create that one play about her mama, ‘A Mother’s Love’ and people have seemed to have some pretty good things to say about it. Maybe this will be a great project for her and her short-time hubby, Todd, to work on together.

“I think an Xscape movie would be great to be honest with you,” Kandi exclaims.

Do you guys think that this would be a great idea? I definitely do!

After all, Kandi has put so many of her words to action, it would only make sense that she would talk about making a movie and just watch the cash pile.

Kandi, being one of the ladies from the girl group, has done many things with her career like creating new songs, writing for other groups and starting her own clothing boutique. She always makes a plan and forms the plan into an action.

Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris, also known as the wife of famed rapper, T.I., is the brain behind the mega girl group the OMG Girls. Being a mom of three, she still always seems to have time to still stop and do music.

LaTocha Scott and Tamika Scott are the biological sisters of the group. They have done reality television as well. And even though these two left the spot light for a while, that doesn’t mean that their amazing voices are no longer there.

I must admit, I’m a little excited about this one!

Ladies, what do you all think?


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