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How To: Relaxing Your Own Hair

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Relaxing Your Own Hair

Relaxing your own hair can be a challenge, especially when you can’t see the back of your head. Trying to use chemicals on your own without any assistance is very dangerous. In this article you ladies will learn what it is like to relax your own hair, the things that you will need and the precautions that you will have to take.
The young lady in the video below used Vaseline as well as Olive Oil on her processed hair, this is what helps to slow down the process of the relaxer so that it won’t process too fast and instantly over process the relaxed hair, she also sections her hair in parts and twists them to keep them separated.

This video is a great example for those people who do their relaxers at home just because they may not have the money or because they just hate waiting in the hair salon.
She also shows her process when she applies the relaxer. Putting the relaxer on her new growth with latex gloves and working it all the way through.
After she is finished applying the relaxer she puts an aluminum cap over her head when she is ready to deep condition her hair. Deep conditioner is like lotion for your hair and after using the neutralizing shampoo to bring down your acid levels you want to use a conditioner to add moisture back into the hair.

This is a very intelligent way of doing an in-home relaxer because HairDeLaCreme actually shows us ways to keep our processed hair healthy. The tips that she gives in this video are ones that all women need when they want to care for their hair from home.

Now, if we at Naturally Moi could stress just one tip to you then that would be to shampoo and rinse your hair thoroughly. Whether it be 3 times or 6 times, which ever one makes you feel the most comfortable when rinsing relaxer out of your hair. Leaving relaxer in your hair can be extremely damaging to your scalp and harm you hair follicles which can cause hair loss.

Thanks for reading & Enjoy this video!



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