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Real Ladies Complete, Not Compete | Cherese Jackson

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completeBy Cherese Jackson

One of my favorite songs by the queen herself, Beyoncé, is We Run the World. In the song she soulfully sings,

“I work my 9 to 5, better cut my check, this goes out to all the women getting it in, you’re on your grind. To other men that respect what I do please accept my shine. Boy you know you love it how we’re smart enough to make these millions, strong enough to bear the children then get back to business.”

I absolutely love this. She is speaking an empowering message, but nowhere in the song is she telling men we can do everything by ourselves. James Brown once said this was a man’s world, but in my lifetime I have witnessed a definite shift in perspective.

Being strong and independent does not come without its challenges. Recently, I had a conversation with a young lady in the waiting room and sat in amazement of how frustrated and bitter she was; all while hiding under the guise of being “independent.” As our conversation escalated faster than I usually care to engage, I quickly found out she was the primary bread winner for her family. With a husband in some sort of construction, this bitter woman had pursued a Master’s Degree so she was positioned to earn a much higher wage than her hubby. What I also realized is that this young lady was not alone.

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