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Single mother’s legal gun permit may get her three years in prison

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shaneenBy: Krystle Crossman

A 27 year-old Pennsylvania resident is being punished in a case that has garnered quite a bit of controversy.  Shaneen Allen is now facing three years in a New Jersey prison because she was honest with a police officer about the gun that she had a permit to carry. The only problem was that her concealed carry permit isn’t transferable across state lines.

Allen made the decision to get a gun due to the fact that she works late, is a single mother, and had been robbed a few times. One of her family members said that it would be a good idea to get some protection for herself and for her family. Before getting a gun, she went to take a gun safety course, which she completed. She then applied for a concealed carry permit. Only after completing the course and obtaining her permit did she purchase a gun legally.

One day while driving through New Jersey, she was stopped for a minor traffic offense. While speaking with the officer, she was honest and told him that she had a gun on her, but also had a permit for it. What she didn’t know is that her honesty would send her to jail. She did not know that her permit did not transfer over state lines and she was technically carrying a weapon illegally. An illegal weapons charge is a felony according to New Jersey’s gun laws. The minimum sentence is three years in prison.
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Even though Allen does not have anything on her criminal record, she still may go to prison.

There is a divisionary program in New Jersey that would allow her to skip any time behind bars, but the judge denied her entry into this program. Unfortunately the judge does not have much discretion in this case and told Allen that her honesty just got her into trouble. Do you think that time behind bars is appropriate for this woman who did nothing wrong and was completely honest with the police?