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White guy from “Think like a man” explains why he wasn’t on the Essence Cover

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Think Like a man- Gary Owens

Reported by Liku Zelleke

When ESSENCE magazine adorned the covers of its two issues for July with the cast of “Think Like a Man Too“, it can be safely assumed that they never thought that they would cause such an uproar. On the first cover were the men of the film while the second one had the female cast members.

Not every cast member was included in the two shots. Two people were missing: Gary White and Jerry Ferrara. They were the only two non-African American cast members and that was the point that ruffled the hit movie’s fans.

Twitter and Instagram messages raised the point that just because the magazine was aimed at black readers didn’t mean that it was OK to snub non-African Americans:

Swirljawn215 said: “Just because this is a ‘black’ magazine, intentionally disregarding the two white men from the movie is reckless. It’s 2014, Essence. It is ok to be inclusive of other races on the front cover, not just showing different shades of black #disappointed.”


Savagemama710 said:”If this had been a predominantly white magazine that left out the black cast members there would be an uproar. Our black is beautiful, but this is shady.”

But, as the world was criticizing the magazine, Gary Owen made it clear that he didn’t feel snubbed by ESSENCE. The comic, who is also married to a black woman, told The Jasmine Brand, “You know what? I didn’t even think nothing of it, until it got brought to my attention. It’s very rare that all of us guys have been included in everything, like, whether it’s an interview or a magazine.”

What actually amazed him more than being left out of the magazine covers was the fact that black people noticed and immediately said that it wasn’t right – and indication of progress, he says.

“I got taken back. It was kind of okay because it shows that as a society, we are progressing. That people would notice and people of color would notice something like that. A lot people think it’s one sided and it’s really not,” he said.