Daughter of NYC Mayor Candidly Discusses Bout With Addiction, Mental Illness

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Bill de Blasios daughter Chiara talks about her bout with mental illness and addiction.

Chiara de Blasio

Reported by April Taylor

A study published by The Epidemiologic Catchment Area shows that addiction and depression occur together in nearly a third of patients diagnosed with these conditions.  The study also shows that patients with addiction and depression are also often diagnosed with bipolar, anxiety, personality, and other addictive disorders.  There is often a stigma associated with mental illness and addiction, but there are a few brave souls who dare to speak out and share their experiences.

A recent article from the Daily Mail highlights how New York City mayor Bill De Blasio’s daughter Chiara has struggled with depression, anxiety, and addiction.  On Christmas Eve, Ms. De Blasio, who is a student at Santa Clara University, posted a YouTube video — that her parents helped her produce — highlighting how she battled depression and anxiety for much of her life and that her issues with addiction grew out of her trying to cope with her mental illness.

With the support of her family and help from mental health professionals, Ms. De Blasio has made progress with her mental illness.  She was honored with an award at an event promoting National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day.  The award was presented by Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.  Ms. De Blasio was chosen for the award because of her courage for speaking out and being willing to share her story and struggle.  An essay published by xoJane mentions how Ms. De Blasio felt as though she was miserable as a teenager,despite coming from an unbroken family, living in nice neighborhoods, and attending the best schools.  Ms. De Blasio discusses how she has been able to find meaning in life and that she knows that fighting her mental illness will be a lifelong battle.