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Making Love Happen: Experts Share Things You Must Do To Find Love

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black-couple-in-loveBy Glenda Warren

Are you having trouble finding the right companion? Looking to love again after a tragedy or divorce? Need ways to keep the sizzle in your marriage? Always looking for love in the wrong places?

Well, everyone deserves to love and be loved again. And, falling in love is easy provided you can find it. For many of you who are fortunate enough to find love, maintaining the relationship becomes an even bigger challenge. Some of the major roadblocks to attracting and maintaining loving relationships are the mindsets and beliefs which are oftentimes based on past experiences that are carried into new relationships.

Life Strategist Dr. Towanna Freeman has assembled a group of love and relationship experts for the Making Love Happen Virtual Roundtable scheduled for March 13, 2014 at 7:30 pm Eastern Time. This FREE online discussion will provide insights and resources to help you attract and maintain thriving and healthy relationships that will have the potential to last a lifetime.

When asked who should attend this love event, Dr. Towanna Freeman responded, “The Roundtable is for people who want to create an intimate, honorable relationship with someone who adores and loves them for them.”

Whether married, single or divorced, Making Love Happen Virtual Roundtable promises something for all relationship types.

According to a survey from MSNBC, 44% of the adult American population is single. That represents over 100 million people. If this statistic is correct then there’s a lot of work to be done in preparing adults for long-lasting love. Additionally, some 40 million people are taking their search for love to online dating sites.

Making Love Happen

Among the love experts who will be joining Dr. Freeman to take part in this spicy discussion are Atiya and Ingram Jones, a husband and wife team from the Caribbean that’s helping people realize fulfillment in their lives worldwide, Des O’Connor, the leading relationship coach in the UK, specializes in finding and maintaining successful romantic relationships, and Early Jackson, also a life coach, specializes in Life Adjustment and Transition working closely with families, couples and individuals.

Dr. Towanna Freeman is a life strategist and the founder of Black Life Coaches Network and co-author of the award winning book Purposeful Action: 7 Steps to Fulfillment designed to help people identify and set goals to help them live abundant and purposeful lives. It’s her passion to make certain everyone is fulfilled in all areas of their lives.

The Making Love Happen topics of discussion will include:

Step 1:  The Keys to an Enduring Relationship with Atiya & Ingram Jones

Step 2:  How to Find Your True Soulmate with Des O’Connor

Step 3:  How to Find True Love Today with Early Jackson

Step 4:  Making Love Happen After Divorce with Dr. Towanna Freeman

Registration for the March 13 virtual event is FREE and only requires the attendee provide their name and email to sign up. Make love happen with these 5 experts who will help you by sharing REAL truths about how to have a successful, loving relationship on purpose. Visit to sign up today!


Glenda Warren is an experienced marketing and communications professional that provides social commentary, self-help, tips, and reports news of events that matter to African Americans.