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Dr. Samori Swygert: Will Hillary Clinton fight for reparations if elected president?

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hillaryBy: Dr. Samori Swygert

When current President Barack Obama was elected as the President of the United States, America arrived at a new political plateau in the terms of cultural diversity. Many people were filled with joy, pride, and had a self-imposed paradigm shift on racial equality. Yes, the first African American President was elected, and an all African American first family moved into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D.C.

Initially, President Obama was greeted with much fanfare from the African American community. The President had “swag”, he exuded confidence, he spoke with eloquence and sophistication, and he wooed many in white communities.

However, time progressed and many of the blacks that voted for President Obama grew disenchanted because they didn’t see the change they “expected”. Political and economic times turned turbulent, and many blacks were hit hard in the recession. Many looked to the President for a sign of relief, a flotation device, a financial life jacket, only to see other factions of society being rescued and attended to. Fast forward, President Obama’s approval ratings have taken hit after hit and many blacks have been asking, “who did I really elect?”.

Now it’s no secret, President Obama has been stone-walled in several attempts by a majority republican congress. They fight him tooth and nail on every single issue. I’m sure he couldn’t choose the soap or toilet tissue he wanted if they had a say in the matter. Nevertheless, many blacks express buyer’s remorse for our Commander in Chief. This feeling is primarily spawned by President Obama’s conspicuous attention to the Latino and LGBT community.

Many African Americans feel slanted by a less motivated effort of the president to address our concerns. President Obama has also asserted that he wouldn’t address issues pursuant to reparations for African Americans. That’s okay because although I disagree with his position, I will always respect another person’s opinion.

Moving onto Hillary Clinton

Many women have an affection for Hillary Clinton because she was the First Lady of Bill Clinton. She is also a “symbol” of political diversity. She staked her claim and showed that she has a bite and bark when she ran as a presidential candidate. She also demonstrated her ability to face the fire in the Benghazi fiasco. Hillary portrays a bold political spirit that many women can and want to identify with. Some women are attached to her via sympathetic strings from former President Clinton’s sexual infidelities.

Hillary Clinton is skillfully posturing herself to be a formidable presidential candidate again. I won’t applaud or critique Hillary until she announces a formal bid later on, and clearly explains the goals and mission of her political platform. I also want clearly outlined plans and positions on where she stands on issues germane to the African American community.

Why am I saying this? I’m saying this because I do see how the African American community fell in political love with President Obama based on symbolism and “silent expectations”. Well in this era, the future belongs to fast learners. This time the African American community should be in the faces of the potential presidential candidates asking them specific questions on Affirmative Action in relations specific to blacks.

I also want to know will Hillary Clinton support reparations for African Americans who’s descendants were forced into slavery to build the economic power base that America has morphed into. Centuries of free labor by blacks is the financial DNA of America’s success, and the rejection and denial of it is a crime.

Will Hillary Clinton help pursue the procurement of reparations for the descendants of the victims of slavery? If her answer is no, I would like to know why, and why she deserves our vote in the upcoming election. If she is able to champion the causes of the Latino community, LGBT community, and silently pander to Wall Street, then hear our specific demands in equity and fairness.  We want specific answers, not broad generalized rhetoric that blankets everybody like human rights and civil rights.  Where do you specifically stand on reparations for blacks?  Will you help procure these funds and policies?

Sidebar, we as African Americans need to be prepared with a specific itinerary, and itemized agenda if this is what we want.

This question goes to all democratic candidates because a pattern exists where African Americans tend to vote democratic. This evolved in part because many policies and legislation that Republican candidates advocate for lack congruency with the concerns of the African American electorate.

However, I pose this question because a subconscious affinity and affection is extended to the Clintons’ by “some” of the black community, and we need to move beyond symbolism and get this next election right! If other voting demographics can garner the attention and action by the President, then we demand that our expectations be met also. Hillary can’t bring Bill to the next NAACP meeting to play the saxophone and think they have our vote in their pocket. That’s it, that’s all.