5 Healthy Hair Tips for Curlies!

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Not everyone knows what it takes to create beautiful natural coils and curls and maintain them, but a few simple tricks can give you long-lasting, no-frizz and beautifully maintained style. Check out these healthy hair tips from Design Essentials.


Keep hair wet! Everyone loves the curl pattern they see when their hair is wet. The best way to lock that curl pattern in is to lightly mist your hair with water before applying the selected product to twist, coil or curl your strands.

Dryers are Good (Sometimes)

Dryers are great for natural styles. Curly girls love to allow their beautiful natural locks to dry naturally, but styles last longer and frizz is dramatically reduced when you take the time to sit under the dryer or use a diffuser. The sooner you get to the dryer after styling the quicker your frizz free curls are locked into place. Don’t use heat on every style but every now and it is okay. Preserve your hair’s health.

Make Styles Last

The key to making natural sets and curls last is to take them apart slowly. First, wear the set twists, coils or curls for a couple of days, then separate them in two and wear that for a day. The next day separate the two into four and so on and so on. As you separate the curls, hair gets bigger and frizz increases. If hair gets too big, add a headband as a great style alternative.

Cutting Curls

Trims and curly hair cuts can be tricky, and when they’re done incorrectly, you have to wait months for your hair to grow back, so you can fix the damage. The biggest mistake you can make is to get your hair cut while it is straight, especially if you prefer to wear it curly most of the time. Many women have various curl patterns throughout their hair which causes hair to shrink or “curl up” at various lengths. To achieve the perfect curly look, cut hair one curl at a time without pulling it straight to get the perfect curl shape every time.

Home Maintenance

Comfortable sleep is the enemy of beautiful natural styles. By morning, hair is flattened, frizzed and dried out, especially if you are sleeping on moisture sapping cotton pillow cases. A satin bonnet, pHusion wrap or satin pillowcases will help hair to maintain its moisture, and hydrated curls and coils are prettier much longer than dry, parched curls and coils.
With these quick, healthy hair tips, you should have no trouble keeping your curls looking beautiful all year long.