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Was Gabourey Sidibe’s role on Empire reduced because of her look?

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By Victor Ochieng

The Fox network’s “Empire” is a big hit this season. People have fallen in love with the lively characters featured on the show, but not everyone has been popular with audiences.  There is information floating around that Precious star Gabourey Sidibe has been fired from the show.  The rumored reason is that viewers do not like her on the program because of her weight.

Considering what has been happening in the first few episodes, it’s clear that Sidibe has been playing a pivotal role in the show. However, her roles diminished after episode 4.

Word has it that the first few were pilot episodes and were meant to gauge the show’s performance before making relevant changes based on the audience’s response. Interestingly, the show became an instant hit and is breaking records.
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That’s good news for FOX so far. But it still makes sense that the show’s producer, Lee Daniels, would be keen on filtering his cast to keep up the popularity and maintain a huge audience. And if the rumors are true, Sidibe is one of those characters whom Daniels has decided to weed out of his cast.

Citing Sidibe’s weight as a distraction would be a bit farfetched, particularly because Sidibe has done nothing but deliver perfectly in her role. At the same time, Daniels knew her weight before bringing her in, especially since he was the director of her breakout movie, Precious, so turning around to kick her out because of that would raise eyebrows.
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Sidibe has had a good time with the “Empire” cast. She’s been posting a lot of pictures of herself with actor Jussie Smollett. The two have become so close that on one picture she posted of Smollett, she lovingly labeled him her ‘Valentine.’

For the audience, the show is picking up even more steam. It seems as though everyone is enjoying watching the new team do their thing and even hearing about the actors’ antics off-camera. Axing a character may upset a few fans, but viewers usually adjust to the changes.
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After all is said and done, it is important to note that no official communication has been received from either Sidibe or Daniels on the matter.