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Toya Wright Refuses to Leave Husband: Is she Faithful or Foolish

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by Kristina Byas

To have and to hold, for better or worse. Many have taken the plunge and gotten married, but aren’t really willing to put in the work that it takes to maintain a healthy, lasting relationship. Is there a lack of understanding that marriage actually is for better or worse?

The world has watched as many in the spotlight have gone through divorce after divorce for reasons that don’t always make sense. Maybe they didn’t understand just how much goes into maintaining a marriage or  they just couldn’t handle the pressure.
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In a recent talk with The YBF, Toya Wright discussed her marital issues with husband Mickey “Memphitz” Wright.
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“I took a vow for better or worse and a lot of people don’t understand that who aren’t married,” Wright explained. “Maybe your husband feels like you’re the reason that this [situation] happened. Maybe he’s going through something. All you can continue to do is be a good person and pray for him and help him get through it or whatever.”
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The couple has been dealing with a lot recently: her husband’s mental and emotional issues, his failing career and rumors of abuse and infidelity. Though Memphitz has left, Wright feels as though there is no reason for her to walk away from him.

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