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Mom Beats Up Son For Being “Too Gay and Too Feminine”

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By Ryan Brennan

A woman in Tennessee is being faced with domestic abuse charges afterJacqueline Alexander allegedly punching and beating up her son. Her reasoning was a blow to the LGBT community, saying that her son was being “too feminine and too gay.”

It was around 11 p.m. on Tuesday when Jacqueline Alexander punched her son in the face for being effeminate.

“No, that’s not right. I mean that’s her flesh and blood, her son,” Tamika Heard, a neighbor of Alexander’s, told reporters.

Another person who commented on the incident is Will Batts, who runs the Memphis Gay and Lesbian Center in Tennessee.

“It’s shocking every time it happens, but it’s not news to us at the center,” said Batts. “We hear a lot of stories about people who are assaulted by family members. Young people who are kicked out of their houses when they come out to a parent.”

The age of Alexander’s son has not yet been identified, but it was noted that there were several bruises on his face, leading many to assume that he was hit several times by his mother.

As for Alexander, she is being held on a $1,000 bond.

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It is unknown is Alexander had anger issues or if she was genuinely concerned for her child, but either way, there are a lot of cases where parents worry about their children not conforming to expected gender roles.  Many parenting experts say that this is not something to over-react about.

One concerned mother wrote into Parenting about her very young son who was effeminate and played with dolls.  She said that although she was a liberal, she did not want her child to have to go through the hardships of being gay.

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Dr. Gayle Peterson, Berkley, CA family therapist and the author of Making Healthy Families, said that playing with toys of the opposite gender or other subtle actions that are typical of the opposite gender does not always reflect the s*xuality of the child.

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“Playing with dolls won’t have any effect on his masculinity beyond perhaps helping to make him a more sensitive, nurturing man,” she said. “Parents shouldn’t attribute so much meaning to something so innocent and should support their child’s needs. Otherwise, he may feel he has to choose between his gender and his natural inclinations.”