Six-year old’s hanging death was either suicide or accidental: Police

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By Nigel Boys

Minnesota police have all but concluded that they may never know exactly what happened to 6-year-old Kendrea Johnson, who was found dead in her foster home on Dec. 27 with a jump rope around her neck. They still conclude that it may have been suicide, reports the Associated Press.

The report explains that police have not ruled out the possibility that it was an accident that took the life of the little girl who had been placed in the foster home last March. Social services had removed her from the biological mother, who was suspected of drug abuse in 2013.

Since there was no one else in the room when Johnson was found unconscious in her bedroom and police have not found any evidence of foul play, they think her tragic death will forever remain a mystery.

Deputy Chief Mark Bruley said that since Johnson had reportedly been suffering from suicidal thoughts, all the evidence points to either an accidental death or suicide, but added that an initial report of the incident by officers on the scene noted that the rope’s knot appeared too sophisticated for someone so young to have made.

Reportedly, Johnson was being treated for emotional issues and had previously expressed suicidal thoughts. Two notes found by investigators in her bedroom, written in a child’s handwriting with purple marker, said  “I’m sorry,” and “I’m sad for what I do.”

According to her foster mother, the sorrowful little girl had told her that she wanted to jump out of the window and die because nobody liked her.

AP reports that Kendrea had also drawn pictures of a child hanging from a rope at her school and had marks on both sides of her neck which had previously healed.

However, Johnson’s biological mother and grandmother are not buying the accidental death or suicide claim, as they still believe that someone killed their little girl.

Bruley said that although it was hard for him to accept that a 6-year-old could have deliberately taken her own life, she clearly had emotional issues. He added that he didn’t know if Kendrea fully understood the consequences of her actions and he could understand why her family was searching for alternative answers, but detectives had done an “extremely thorough” investigation.



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