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Naturally Triece: 3 Reasons Why Pregnant Women Should Not Get Relaxers…

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By: Naturally Triece

Many women constantly ask me the question that no one really seems to have a clear answer to, “Is it okay for pregnant women to get relaxers?” The answer is… The jury is still out. I will say that relaxers have not been proven to critically damage the hair, but they haven’t been said to be horrible either.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t


Relaxers are a mixture of multiple harsh chemicals that are not good for the hair or the blood stream and when pregnant, most women have an extremely increased blood flow and this is what makes them sensitive to any chemical that could possibly go into their blood stream.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t


Most relaxers are created with a chemical called Sodium Hydroxide. This chemical is what plumbers use to clean out and dissolve bacteria in pipe drains. That just lets you know how harsh this chemical is.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t

# 3

Exposing your unborn child to chemicals can be extremely dangerous in the fact that it can cause birth defects and any other health issues that you child could have in the long run. (This doesn’t happen in all cases, but I have a family doctor who says that it is very possible.)

My thoughts on the subject, or what I tell most people is, if you choose to take the risk then it is totally your decision but I just wouldn’t want to take the risk at all. With all of the hormones going completely bonkers and some women having to take medications prescribed by their doctors I would be more afraid of my hair falling out more so than a relaxer hurting my child. It’s best to be safe than sorry during a time such as this one, eating healthier, drinking healthier drinks, getting a nice amount of sleep and exercising are all apart of having a healthy pregnancy, so you might as well be on the safe side when it comes to your hair as well.

Those are just my thoughts on the subject.

Thanks for reading!

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