Erykah Badu’s Godmother Wins Lawsuit For Hair Braiding License

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A prime example of what happens when you never give up. For so long, the state of Texas denied Isis Brantley a state-mandated license to teach hair braiding, but she did not retreat.

According to the state, you must complete a full program before acquiring a cosmetology license. But Brantley did not believe in spending thousands of dollars on tuition at a barber school when all she wanted to do was braid hair and teach others to do the same. After a year of fighting, the final word landed in her favor.

To many, Brantley just looks like a brown-skinned eccentric woman with huge, wild hair. While she is very eccentric with beautiful hair, she is also an important aspect of the natural hair community. Aside from being the godmother of R&B legend (Erykah Badu), Brantley is a master at natural hair care, and constantly promotes the importance of maintaining your hair and body.

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